Aaron rodgers and ryan braun dating

Aaron rodgers and ryan braun dating

saying the couple “remains close friends and wish nothing but the best for each other moving forward.” (Gee, the unnamed sources in Hollywood are just as transparent and full of it as the ones in football when it comes to “mutual partings.”) While the personal life of a football player wouldn’t ordinarily rise to the level of news, Munn was never bashful about making herself part of the show in Green Bay, and her reaction to being named as a potential detriment to Rodgers’ play underscored that.She called out ESPN.com’s Rob Demovsky in 2015 for repeating the suggestion of an agent that dips in play generally lead to questions about off-field drama in a players’ life.Although this would give him more “guy’s-guy” (that translates to “blokey-bloke” for my readers in the U. This relationship has been highly documented in social media by Newton’s sister Shawntel (I just can’t make up names like these) Of course, that doesn’t prove anything, as the actor Rock Hudson proved.

In fact, the high amount of “Aaron Rodgers Gay Rumors” search activity made the A-Rodg material the most viewed NFL content on the site. Now even with his relationship to Olivia Munn (which some of even branded a distraction) lots and lots of people out there seem to think Rodgers is still a homosexual.What I am going to do is present what we do know about his personal life, and ultimately why none of that has anything to do with why he’s an NFL MVP quarterback.As we’ve documented in the past, Rodgers has been (rumored) linked to: the mother of all sideline princesses Erin Andrews and “Gossip Girl” actress Jessica Szohr. His current girlfriend, is a stripper named Destiny Newton, so he probably went considerably down market.The website took some screen captures from the Vandy and Ole Miss game Rodgers was attending while his Packers were on a bye week.As you can see from the screencaps after Jordan Rodgers connected with Jordan Matthews on a 52-yard TD in Vandy’s 27-26 win, that’s Newton pushing back some hair and flashing what looks to be a sizable ring where, in case you didn’t know, women are known to wear an engagement ring.

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it didn't feel great being lied to like that."You know what else doesn't feel great, Aaron?

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