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Again like Oldham, his career represents a quixotic, restless and probably somewhat perverse re-think of the vintage singer-songwriter model.

Over 13 albums, he has moved from fractious lo-fi experiments (Sewn To The Sky, Julius Caesar), through spare and unnerving folk (The Doctor Came At Dawn) and chamber pop (1999’s exceptional Knock Knock), on into unforgiving Lou Reed territory (Rain On Lens) in the early part of this century.

Runners Up Yo La Tengo – Fade Not a great Yo La Tengo album, but a good one.

Low – The Invisible Way Not a great Low album, but a good one. I realised earlier this year that Low are up there as one of My Favourite Bands Of All Time.

His poem from the original Cap Gun can be found here.

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They’ve been part of my life, on and off, since the late ’90’s, but I never quite got fully – as in, obsessional – into them until The Great Destroyer.

With that album, something clicked, and off I went scurrying into their back catalogue. Problem with Low is that they’ve set themselves such a high bar, that anything that jumps gracefully but catches the bar on the way down can only be seen as a failure. MP3: Plastic Cup by Low Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires Of The City This lot are slowly becoming global superstars.

That is the budding love between comedian Andy Samberg and crooner Joanna Newsom.

As it is with his old friend Will Oldham, hunting for clues about Bill Callahan’s state of mind in his songs can be something of a doomed mission.

Nevertheless, among all the equine and river metaphors, the unreliable narrators, the droll misanthropy, the unlikely romance of his later records, an irresistible line occasionally springs out.

On 2005’s A River Ain’t Too Much To Love, when Callahan still traded under the name of Smog, it came in the penultimate song, “I’m New Here”.

“I told her I was hard to get to know,” he adjudged, in his usual uncanny baritone, “and near impossible to forget.” Plenty who have lived with Callahan’s work over the past 15 or 20 years will be tempted to agree.

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Bill’s devotees were finally treated to some previously unseen aspects of his personality, particularly when, in one scene, Bill stops the tour van to help a baby goat who has its head stuck in some railings. We wanted to find out how Hanly, a video producer for , managed to convince the normally interview-shy Bill Callahan to be shadowed, and what exactly drew her to him in the first place…

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