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Chris pine dating zachary quinto

Kirk and Chekov and Scottie, and then Jaella added into the mix. Sulu and Uhura spend a lot of time together in the movie.While attending the red carpet premiere of "Star Trek Into Darkness" in New York City, the two actors revealed that their relationship toward each other has grown to be as playfully opposed as the Enterprise's captain and his first officer."The worst thing is that Zach likes to play these ridiculous vocabulary games," Pine revealed, "which he will tell everybody he wins, which is such a crock of bullsh--." "I think we both have a healthy sense of competition, which infuses our dynamic a little bit with an edge of humor and spontaneity," says Quinto, kind of proving Pine's point by using a phrase like "infuses our dynamic a little bit." But this friendly competition goes hand-in-hand with the roles the two actors have successfully brought to the big screen.Unlike the recent films of her DC peers Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman's origin story brings back the feel-good superhero movie with an outstanding lead, a playful world, and a timely enemy to defeat: the God of War. [ There are people who don't think a female superhero film can succeed.Ch-ch-check out the overwhelmingly positive reviews in our roundup (below) — and VOTE if you'll be seeing Screening Gal was radiant in a red sequined Givenchy gown with sexy cut-outs, while Chris looked impossibly handsome in a dark gray three-piece suit. He even looked like he had a pocket watch, and his shoes were on point. Female directors are consistently overlooked for big Hollywood action films.In 2011, after much speculation on his sexual orientation, he told a New York Magazine reporter that, “as a gay man”, who was then starring on Broadway in Tony Kushner’s Aids-epidemic play Angels in America, he’d been struggling to reconcile the fact of New York legalising same-sex marriage in the same year that a gay teen, Jamey Rodemeyer, had committed suicide due to bullying.It’s clear that Quinto had planned what he wanted to say (“it was motivated by those kids who were taking their lives”, he tells me), but hadn’t alerted the magazine in advance.

Whatever their differences in philosophy, the two characters grew to depend on each other... "When you're talking about exhaustion and depending on someone to answer questions all day long, you can depend on Zachary Quinto because that man can run words together like it is going out of style," Pine reveals about his co-star.

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), humor, and gory battle scenes in a (mostly) cohesive two-and-a-half-hour epic.

"You'll see me in interviews and a question will be asked and I'll just [go] 'uh-huh, uh-huh'...

and I'll just look at Zach and Zach will take it away." Of course, sometimes Quinto has to take it away, like when Pine gets one of his debilitating cases of the munchies.

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His black hair is gelled and a black T-shirt hugs his chest beneath a fitted black suit.

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