Dna christian dating

Dna christian dating

The most tantalising recent discovery is that of bones believed by some to belong to John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin.

That doesn't mean John's DNA – if it is indeed his – couldn't be isolated, but the relic just doesn't contain much DNA to work with.Later researchers dated remains from Lauricocha closer to 5,000 years old, greatly diminishing its appeal for researchers interested in the early prehistory of South America. Nobody was interested any more,” says Lars Fehren-Schmitz, a biological anthropologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz.More than half a century after the site’s discovery, Fehren-Schmitz’s team got permission to look at five human skeletons excavated from Lauricocha and held at the National Museum of the Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru in Lima.The team also sequenced the human mitochondrial DNA (DNA passed from mother to child) found in dust from the shroud.The genetic lineage, or haplotype, of the DNA snippets suggested that people ranging from North African Berbers to East Africans to inhabitants of China touched the garment.

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A new analysis of DNA from the Shroud of Turin reveals that people from all over the world have touched the venerated garment.

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