Java validating strings for digits

Java validating strings for digits

, composing a fairly comprehensive guide to validating and formatting North American and international phone numbers using regular expressions. Thus, the sequences that enclose the first group of digits match literal parenthesis characters.

The regexes in these recipes are all pretty straightforward, but hopefully this gives an example of the depth you can expect from the book. Both are followed by a question mark, which makes them optional.

For more than 100 detailed regular expression recipes that include equal coverage for eight programming languages (C#, Java, Java Script, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and VB. We’ll explain more about the question mark after discussing the other types of tokens in this regular expression.

NET), get your very own copy of , so that your phone number records are consistent. The parentheses that appear without backslashes are capturing groups and are used to remember the values matched within them so that the matched text can be recalled later.

The literal form, shown in the following table, can be used in any place that accepts a variable created with the constructor or created by a literal assignment.

The following table lists the meta-characters that can be used in Java Script regular expressions.

However, for the sake of being complete, the introduction offers a nutshell review of regular expressions in Java Script.

In addition, since regular expressions analyze strings, numbers must first be translated to a string before they can be tested.

An exception is when the number happens to already be a string, such as when getting user input from the console.

These have special meaning inside a regular expression.

Instead of being explicit characters they indicate qualities of the characters or modify the characters being matched by the regular expression.

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:20 //Followed by "20", which is followed by one of (? **/ public class User Input Num In Range WRegex Output [C:\java_code\]java User Input Num In Range WRegex Enter a number between -20: tuhet Not a number. Enter a number between -20: 283837483 Not in range. It's an interesting exercise, because you can think of two distinct method: roughly, you can either: Without trying, how would you know which is best?

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