Lee dong wook and lee da hae dating

Lee dong wook and lee da hae dating

the chemistry is so amazing, been wishing them to have another kdrama and it did came true even though i was so late, still im glad watching it now in this year been addicted to hotel king and the chemistry is perfect, dahae never fail to make me laugh. I love to watch the music video when you and Baek together in 2009. I really hope to watch both acting in drama as a lovely couple. It'll be a bless if it's with Lee Jin Wook/Lee Min Ho huhu :) Ugh, after seeing her in My Girl, it's obvious this woman has had plastic surgery from head to toe. She looks nothing like the lead actress from My Girl at all! I hope to see Lee Da-Hae in many more dramas and movies! I also admire her dressing and she look so beautiful like a princess. I felt so bad for her, she showed me how not to be and even when life's unfair, you shouldn't give up. I hope they can make also another good drama in the future. I love this actress, in her latest drama HOTEL KING, she is so pretty in any angle...although she changed but still she is more beautiful ....excellent acting with lee dong wook..they become a couple for real... I think she can act on any role but you still need good director , good story , script and support actors. :) Although i have to admit, after been through plastic surgeries, LDH certainly are more beautiful than she was while back in My Girl (2005). i love to see lee da hae acting .whenever she perform. Lee Da Hae really looks different from hotel king.. you two look really cute together & have such a great chemistry ... I loved her in "My Girl" and "Chuno (The Slave Hunters)"! All her fans in Singapore are still waiting to watch her new drama and movies after Hotel King. let us watch her new projects and don't keep us waiting. I could actually relate to her character in some waysm One week ago I started watching Hotel King. I like her so much with Lee Dong Wook, they are perfect together! Hotel King is my fav drama, I didn't even once say: "ugh, when is this going to end? She is one of greatest actress KOREA have, None come close to this angel. i wasn't able to recognize her but, anyway, since i saw her in green rose ¨abs cbn channel¨ i start liking her, she makes me laugh in mygirl and that moment saw him with lee dong wook wow! anyway, looking forward and hoping for your third team-up with lee dong wook. :) you´re the prettiest in the world Ah Mo-Ne from Cha Jae-Wan/hyun woo :) Hi Da Hae, hope to see your new drama with Baek Sung Hyun. I am very interested in seeing more previous dramas with her--soon (smile). I hope Lee Da Hae will do another action drama, so she can redeem herself from the failure of Iris 2. Hi My Girl Great news for upcoming Chinese drama role in "The couple of the Century" It will be great if the male role is going to be Li Yi Feng ( the legend of ancient sword, the legend of fragrance, The Lost Tomb, Forever Young ( 2015 film), tiny times 0.1) Love to see Lee Da Hae with Li Yi Feng ( tasty meat of china Forbes) @ joolie yeah she did look different after that but i think plastic surgery made her even more beautiful (tho she's already beattiful without it).. I hope she'll be coming back onscreen again sooner this year..

, and leads Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook aren’t wasting every minute on the set.

Rumors have linked him with Girls Generation's Jessica, actress Kim Hyun Joo, actress Kim Su Ah, singer –turned actress Eugene Kim and actress Lee Da Hae.

But Lee Dong Wook denied to being more than friends with any of these ladies.

Playing an hotel heiress, Lee Da Hae is eye-catching with her flamboyant style and doll-like beauty in a shoulder-baring party dress.

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I am still waiting for her new Korea drama and movie. I'm still hoping that ABS CBN will get and air Hotel King... Their maturity together with her co star Nee Dong Wook is really natural to the extent that they look like real couple (hoping..them badly)...:) #fighting The first time I saw Lee Da Hae acting, was in Miss Ripley. 2 weeks ago I rewatched the drama and I felt her pain. I watch their drama series (My Girl and now i'm watching Hotel King) they are so lovable team up. I support this actress fully what ever she does...i know plastic surgery kills some of expression , i still think she has done so much in MY GIRL acting , she can be forgiven for trying to make herself barbie doll in animation movies. BEFORE she decided to go and get plastic surgery... what the hell was wrong with her .was beautiful enough and natural the way she was born and it made her characters so interesting and funny now.. sorry but i just dont understand what posessed her to change her appearance its not like she was ugly.

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