Onupdating gridview

Onupdating gridview

If you reset the Data Source at this stage, your values for updating will be lost. I actually don't know how to write the Row Updating function, I just found it from the internet, and so of course it's not working. Please give some references and/or details of how to. Ok what's happening is that you are binding the data source for the Grid View every time a postback occurs in the Page_Load method. Count ----------- The most common problem for losing new data entered while updating a Grid View or Data Grid is that you are resetting the Data Source for the Grid View or Data Grid in the Page_Load method. I actually don't know how to write the Row Updating function, I just found it from the internet, and so of course it's not working.

I needed to do the same for a column I add dynamically to a Grid View.The Object Data Source control enables developers to associate data or business layer classes with the ASP. I covered some aspects of the Object Data Source control in "Cache In Using the Object Data Source Control" specifically, the object instantiation and data caching.Methods of such classes can be designated as methods for data-bound controls to execute common operations, such as select, delete, update, and insert. It describes a pretty easy way to add confirmation pop-ups for delete command (or update or edit or any other command) using a Grid View control, or before any other post-back event in ASP. It takes advantage of the new "On Client Click" property that button controls now have in ASP.NET 2.0 -- and which allow you to author client-side event handlers that can fire prior to post-back (you return true or false from these javascript handlers to indicate whether you want the post-back to continue).

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