Persona 4 dating chie

Persona 4 dating chie

13 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters: -High Speed Sister's Curiosity (schoolgirl, sister, chikan, ahegao) -The Fallen House and the Young Mistress (mind control, maid, impregnation, harem, stockings) -Do You Like Feet?(gymshorts, tanlines, footjob, femdom) -PINAPAKO (ahegao, defloration, sole female) -~The Desire to Squirm within the Armor~ (corruption, living clothes, mind break, tentacles) -Pet or Slave ~Tokyo Slave Show! Enjoy :)Title: Let the Princess Win Fandom: Persona 4Pairing: Satonaka Chie/Amagi Yukiko Rating: R (Borderline smut)Summary: A drunk Yukiko challenges Chie to a one-on-one round of the King Game. She was a bit disappointed, however, that Yukiko seemed to be the only one drawing the King, and as a result of lots of smaller requests, she found herself practically naked before her fully-clothed girlfriend, only a pair of hipsters and a tank top standing between her and being completely at Yukiko's mercy.fortunately for Chie, Yukiko is having all the luck. Though she would have liked a more reciprocal situation, there was a small part of her that found the prospect of following her Princess' commands to the letter rather... It didn't make the uncharacteristically lecherous stares from Yukiko any easier to adjust to, though.__________________________________________Title: Possessive Fandom: Persona 4Pairing: Satonaka Chie/Amagi Yukiko, hinted Souji/Chie Rating: R (thematic sexual content)Summary: No one else was supposed to see Chie the way that Yukiko did. The silver-haired boy said something that made Chie blush, her eyes wide and her smile embarassed but happy, and in spite of herself Yukiko felt her stomach twist the way it only did when those two were together.The encounter with their Shadows had made things, to say the least, rather difficult between them, and while they kept up a safe degree of familiarity their time together felt somewhat awkward and forced.Rise Kujikawa The beyond bubbly former idol Risette that decided to quit her career and live the average life. It's hard to express but Rise's link is about some sort of bottled up regret or accepting her decision.Yumi Ozawa The initial bitchy delinquent character that could care less if half the school died. Marie A fellow attendant of the Velvet Room along with Margaret.

The game was also ported for the Play Station Vita as Persona 4 Golden which expanded various of the characters' stories and included a new one called Marie, a teenage girl linked with the Investigation Team.

The sensation of warm hands against her skin took Chie's breath away, and Yukiko fluidly straddled her on the floor of the tent."Well, for my Prince... Even though it was the rainy season, today was nice enough that the various members of the Investigation Team had decided to share lunch on the roof.

I suppose I can make a tiny exception."Chie sighed as Yukiko's free hand slid along the curve of her belly and below her panties, and the pleasured scream that nearly escaped her was swallowed hungrily by Yukiko's lips. And even for all the mirth surrounding her, Yukiko ate her meal in silence, occasionally glancing over her shoulder at Souji, talking closely with her best friend while Kanji and Yosuke seemed to be off in their own world.

Yukiko Amagi Daughter of the Amagi Inn's owner, Yukiko starts off reserved but opens up via story developments.

She suffers from her inability to escape from the inn that pretty much dominates her social life. Naoto Shirogane An up and coming young detective who moved to Inaba in the guise of a male. Her issue is whether she should change to fit the world or stay herself.

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(Fate Grand Order- Kiyohime, snake girl, long tongue, saliva, buxom) -Sex Life With An Elf Maid (maid, elf, dark skin, stockings) -Yuuki-chan's All Embarrassed!

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