Sagittarius woman dating a sagittarius dating classified and dating ads find a

Sagittarius woman dating a sagittarius

Both these people love life, embrace run circles around everyone else, and basically live the philosophy “anywhere I hang my hat is home.” They will understand this about each other.

The Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman will share enthusiasm and positive thinking. There is not a jealous or mean bone in either of their bodies.

The great thing about being a Sagittarius woman is that you don’t really have to try all that hard to attract attention.

You will attract the attention of guys, especially Sagittarius men.

Whether you’re trying to get along on a business level or you’re trying to be friends, Sagittarius women have no problem saying the right words at the right time and giving you what you want.

It’s not like they consciously seek out to become everybody’s friend, but that’s the practical effect. They can be comfortable in any type of social situation.

Inspiring and spontaneous she can sometimes be seen as too aggressive or impatient by those who prefer a more subtle approach to life.

You know how most people are basically bowled over by your enthusiasm and skeptical that you are all hype?

This lady will understand that you’re two of a kind. Chances are you’ve both got plenty of money to spend, so why waste it on a pretentious evening of “fine dining” when you could hang out at the local pub and enjoy yourselves among friends.

Even guys who may not be attracted to you physically will still be attracted to you because you have that easy charm. People are feeling frustrated and marginalized and then you come along and things seem so easy to you.

You have to remember that this can be a very cold world. It’s very competitive and a lot of people find it very restrictive and frustrating because you have to put on an act; you have to put on a show; you have to say things you don’t really mean. You seem so approachable that you essentially draw these people in.

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But one can’t blow the magic bugle and turn outright psychic.

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