Sql and updating one column sedating rat

Sql and updating one column

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether an INSERT or UPDATE attempt was made on a specified column of a table or view.UPDATE() is used anywhere inside the body of a Transact-SQL INSERT or UPDATE trigger to test whether the trigger should execute certain actions.” by Markus Winand is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.my table payment_details structure ispayment_id payment_code1 null2 null3 null4 nullhere payment_id is a primary key and i need to update the whole payment_id column to payment_code columnso i just tried the below query update payment_details set payment_code = payment_no where payment_code is null but it shows subquery error,can anyone say??statement can be accomplished in one of two ways, primarily depending upon which version of SQL Server you are using.We’ll briefly explore both options so you can find what works best for you.The dominant factor in the time taken to complete the overall operation tends to be the “admin” work in conveying the application’s intention to the database server rather than the actual updates to the database.

To test for an INSERT or UPDATE action for more than one column, specify a separate UPDATE() clause following the first one.The column can be of any data type supported by SQL Server.However, computed columns cannot be used in this context.But in many cases this only provides a modest improvement as each UPDATE operation still requires a round-trip communication with the database server.In the case where the application server and database server are on different hosts, the round-trip will involve network latency as well.

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But if there are a large number of rows that require an update, then the overhead of issuing large numbers of UPDATE statements can result in the operation as a whole taking a long time to complete.

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