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And further on in this tutorial, you will learn some quick ways to add and modify all essential elements of Excel charts.Armed with this basic knowledge, let's see how you can modify different chart elements to make your Excel graph look exactly the way you'd like it to look.This section demonstrates how to insert the chart title in different Excel versions so that you know where the main chart features reside.And for the rest of the tutorial, we will focus on the most recent versions of Excel 20.We have a table that shows amounts of contaminate present in an imaginary water sample taken monthly.We want a chart that shows the current month’s data along with the previous 11 months. (Note: if you want to follow along and create a new chart of your own, type your own range name in the textbox and substitute that name in the formulas below.For Example if you were to write a date function as =DATE(2009,13,1) it would give you a date 13 months ahead of 1-Jan-2009. is the portion representing the day part of the date that we are trying to construct.Again, just like the month parameter mentioned above, the day is not limited to numbers lying between 1 and 31 but can be any number (negative or positive) till such time that the minimum and maximum limits for the date, as mentioned above, are not breached.

Look at Figure 1 below that shows the default position of Axis labels for a Column chart.

Notice that the COUNT function gives us a total number of rows in our table, and we then specify how many rows we want to include in the [height] argument.

This is where you can change the number of months (for example) you want to include in your chart.

Let's start with changing Vertical (Value) axis labels: Have your ever used keyboard shortcuts and sequences in Power Point? Go and get a copy of our Power Point Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences E-Book.

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Creating reports on a regular schedule is a common task for the business Excel user.

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